Wadup, Brotha? Umayos ka wag ka puro dota. #vscocam

My memories?


Jack Frost by Yukim116 | Twitter


If you don’t think these are the greatest than you’re lying

Hayley I heard you were into pies? (x)

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slenderhuss asked:
I just always get super worried that I text him too much or something. And I've asked him if it gets annoying and he says it doesn't but I still worry about it >< I should just trust what he says but I think the fact that I like him makes that 1000000x harder. I worry that I'll come off clingy or something and I'll lose him as a friend because he thinks I'm obsessed or something

my url says it all. Ifeelyourpainbro. XD Well, you both know that you like each other right? Just trust him. If he likes you too he’ll never be annoyed. If I’m that dude and if I like you, I’d never find a single text from you annoying. :) just don’t send me a thousand message a day. jk XD

Anonymous asked:
So I'm friends with this guy and I really like him and he has said he likes me but we both aren't looking for relationships right now because we have some of our own issues to sort out. So we're still good friends but sometimes I feel like I just annoy him because I'm the only one of us who asks to hangout and like 90% of the time he'll say yeah I might be able to and then take hours to reply back to me. Then i'll text him and ask whats up and he'll have something else he has to do :\


that’s probably not you annoying him, he’s probably just busy!!

hey centuriess, can you find out who this anon is? I wanna make friends with him/her. We’re like in the same situation right now, except that I’m a dude. Let’s just say that I’m the dude version of the anon lol

  • Person: Why do you even like twenty one pilots?
  • Me: ._.
  • Me: ._.
  • Me: ._.
  • Me: ._.
  • Me: Cause twenty one pilots.


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I must’ve forgot, you can’t trust me

I’m open a moment and close when you show it

Before you know it I’m lost as sea

And now that I write it and think about it, and the story unfolds

You should take my life, you should take my soul

Goooood morning. Cold weather + No classes, but 1st…


this is from a 2008 interview rip my heart out

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relationship goals

my heart just melted.


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